As Hardy as a Highlander

The Scots had a longer lifespan than their English counterparts. They were bigger, stronger, and fiercer. Their women tolerated childbirth better, and children were cured for the harsh climate by running barefoot, even in the winter months.

Their typical diet? Oats, barley, ale, fish, foul, some milk, and eggs. The bulk of their diet consisted of a gruel made primarily of oatmeal. As if that wasn’t enough roughage, they also ate bread made with oats. Most meals were washed down with plenty of ale. Meat, eggs, and vegetables like cabbage, celery and turnips were secondary because there often wasn’t enough to go around.

Now I’m not advising anyone cut back on veggies and replace them with pints, but a bowl of oatmeal wouldn’t hurt, neither would fish in place of a double cheeseburger. It worked for them.

And please don’t send your kids to school barefoot. I don’t think their teachers will understand.

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