Talk like a Warrior

Gaelic is the native tongue of Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. There are different dialects, but since this blog focuses mainly on Scotland, we’ll stick with the Scots Gaelic.

A few hundred years ago, bans were put into place forbidding school children to speak or read in their native tongue. Since then, Gaelic has been on a sharp decline, and as of ten years ago, only one percent of the population could hold down a conversation in it.

Some, certainly not all, of the old prejudices have thankfully remained behind in the history books and on the battlefields, and today there is an effort to keep Gaelic from dying out through a variety of educational programs in Scotland for children and adults.

I know a few phrases in Gaelic, and I wouldn’t mind learning more. Maybe some of you geeky romantics out there would like to learn with me.

Halò                    Hello (Easy enough, aye?)

Tìoraidh            Informal goodbye.

Chì mi a-rithist thu           See ya later (I know it looks really weird)

Gaelic is typically not pronounced the way it is spelled. To hear the pronunciation, check this out:

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