What’s in a name?

Names give us identity, and they can reflect our personality. When we name our children, we tell other people what qualities we hope to see in them. When my son was born, my husband and I named him Quinn Alan. Quinn is an Irish name, meaning intelligent. Alan is Breton, and means rock.

Here are some interesting Celtic names, along with their meanings:

Fay – Faith. In the Irish culture it can mean that one is under the control of some mystical power. Thus, one might say that a person is fey.

Gareth – Gentle. Possibly a derivative of the Norman name, Gerald.

Nessa – This name is derived from Celtic mythology. Nessa was a gentle woman who chose to take up the shield and sword in order to protect her people.

Regan – An Irish name, meaning like a king.

If you’re interested in learning more about Celtic names, Celtic Names for Children by Loreto Todd  is a great resource.

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