Tell your sweetie you love them . . . in Gaelic.

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Valentine’s Day is upon us. Why not try something new? In the spirit of The Claymore and Surcoat, let’s learn a few terms of endearment in Scottish Gaelic.

Mo leannan. (ma len-on) My beloved.file5991298749300

Mo ghràdh. (ma rah) My love.

a ghràdh. (ah rah) Dear. Use it in combination with your sweetie’s name. William, a ghràdh. (William, dear.)

Tha gràdh agam ort. (ha rah a-gum ort) I love you. The literal translation is, ‘I have love on you.’ Mmmm… I just love that. It sound so… well, Scottish.

Might take a wee bit of practice, but think of how surprised your baby will be. Or, if your sweetheart is anything like mine, he will shake his head and wonder why he married such a strange person!

Tìoraidh an-dràsta

(see ya later)

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Olivia Stocum 



8 thoughts on “Tell your sweetie you love them . . . in Gaelic.

      1. i am my music and friend in France from London is doing my book trailer video now and just heard the music he did for it. Love this process and tears of joy…lol it is a truly beautiful moment and day… Roshandra warmly sharing


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