St. Patrick’s Day, it’s all about green beer and parades, right?

While parades on a frosty morning, socks that say Kiss Me I’m Irish, and green beer (preferably not in the morning) are all well and good, I have to wonder if we’re missing the point, or pint (pun intended).

Who was St. Patrick?


Born into a Roman occupied England somewhere around the late 4th century, Patrick was raised in a life of privilege. His world turned upside-down when he was captured by pirates at the age of 16 and taken to Ireland. He became a slave, a shepherd no less. It was an occupation which caused one to stink of sheep and unwashed skin and to be frowned upon by the rest of society. Patrick met God while roaming the lonely glens. After he had a vision of freedom, he asked a group of sailors if he might board their ship. They could easily have turned him in as a run-away, but they did not.

Patrick went on to become a priest, and following another vision, he returned freely to Ireland. He was met with resistance there, but his knowledge of the culture, as well as his respect for the people who once called him slave, won them over to his message.

To learn more about St. Patrick’s amazing life, watch this video.

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