Banner display for my upcoming novel, Dawning!

So, my techie husband walked in yesterday to find me crying into the kitchen table. Yes, self-marketing got me again. Fortunately, he’s a pretty observant man and realized I needed someone to start bailing water for me, or I was going down FAST.

Anyway, it’s up, on Facebook and on my blog. Yippy!


8 thoughts on “Banner display for my upcoming novel, Dawning!

    1. Thanks. It’s crazy. And I’m at the stage were I can only hope I will actually sell some copies when it comes out!


      1. Well keep us all posted! I think you’re on the right track! I just read an article about how to self publish or what publishers are looking for. It talked about how LITTLE money authors make even when they’re signed by a publisher. I sure didn’t realize you might not get rich if you have a good book!

        Anyway, I follow someone else on here that self published an ebook. She’s had many people on WP willing to promote her book also. She’s been able to sell quite a few books this way. Here’s the link to her blog so you can see a little bit about her journey with her book “Charlie and Pearle”.


    1. Yeah, I can design them, but getting them the right size for where I need to apply it online alludes me. Good thing my hubby is influenced by tears. he-he. They get him every time. Not that it’s done on purpose. I’m just girly when it comes to stuff like that. Thanks for the compliment. It makes me want to cry every time someone likes my writing. Oh, boy. I need to do something about that.


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