Green Shoots of Recovery

Reblog from goatiegoingson, because I think these goats are great.



Hi it’s Marvin here, I don’t know who this George Osborne is but there are things we agree on I’m told. The green shoots of recovery are coming up all over the field, yipee, lovely to nibble on for breakfast, and come to think of it lunch and dinner too! Apparently we were in danger of falling off something called the fiscal cliff, I’m not sure where that is but I’m always telling that dim brother of mine Lionel to be careful when we’re navigating that narrow path down from the forest. George says he won’t deviate from plan B, me neither. I don’t know what his plan is, but my plan goes like this. 1 Never let Lionel think he can get the upper hand. Keep him in check with plenty of butts. 2. Gulp down my breakfast so I can steal what’s left of Lionel’s. 3. Make sure…

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