My new author bio. Because butt-kissing makes me want to puke.


If you click on my Author Bio page at the top of the screen, you’ll find I’ve taken the old one out and replaced it with this post. The original bio was written by a woman fed to rules until her stomach was ready to burst. A woman who was taught she should jump through hoops to impress all the right people.


That woman no longer exists. You see, she woke up one morning and realized butt-kissing left a sour taste in her mouth, so she spat out the taste, and vomited up the expectations, and started following her own path.

I don’t write formula romance.

I never have. Well, I tried once, but that particular novel took a wild turn fifty pages in, which only served to prove I’m miserable writing by formulas. The traditional romance market, however, really likes the tried and true plots. The kind that give readers a nice gooey feeling inside.


I don’t write erotica, but I have come to terms with human needs and emotions and my characters have them. Yes, even my heroines. And sometimes these needs cause them to make wrong choices. (Sorry, lovers of super-sweet Inspirational novels. I’m not putting those types of books down. I’m just saying writing them is not for me.)

I’m not sure I should list my debut novel, Dawning, as an Inspirational. It believe it would be better served as a Historical Romance. In the author’s note I will warn the reader it has a soft Christian theme. My second novel, which I hope to release by January, is a Paranormal Romance. Yes, you heard me right. I like werewolves. (Might as well come clean now!) I’ve always wanted to write a series about a female werewolf—a determined huntress and protector of human life—whose greatest desire is to know what unconditional love is. And she makes a big mess of things in her attempt to find out.


Proud to be indie!

8 thoughts on “My new author bio. Because butt-kissing makes me want to puke.

  1. Yeah, that’s where I’m at. I’m told not to expect to make money either way, then told I have to write what a publisher wants and nothing else…. um…. where is my incentive to go traditional? There is none.


  2. Mostly hate formalaic books (althought, every now and then it is relaxing to read one – a throw away novel). I never go back and reread them. Given me a twist any day. You’ll have me reading with anticipation and looking for your next book as soon as I finish the first.


  3. Olivia… you are my hero! I can’t believe I didn’t see this when you first posted it! I firmly believe that when you stop putting yourself in a box and really LISTEN to what God is telling you to do, you’ll succeed. You’ll succeed without having to conform to rules of society or rules of the corporate world. God has a plan for you and you’re obeying. I can’t WAIT to see what this book is all about.

    Once again, my hat is off to you for being a Christian and for being REAL. I think you’re going to be surprised at the NEW audience you have.


    1. I can’t tell you how much your support means to me. I try to remain hopeful, but there are days when I wonder if I will EVER get anywhere with my fiction. It never ceases to amaze me, who God sends my way. When I have friends I have known for years who refuse to so much as click on my blog, even after many invitations. Yet, He brings me people like you!


      1. He always sends the right people at the right time and sometimes the friends we’ve known for years aren’t the right people for the project you’re working on. Hope that made sense. Anyway, I’m not the only one and I’ll for sure help spread the word when it’s time to get this book going. You’re in my prayers… I pray that the right people KEEP coming into your life. I believe in you because I feel that you can bring more people to God with your brand of honest and real. I think God is using to to reach a new audience. SO proud that you listen. I’ll apologize now if I repeated myself. I didn’t go back and reread the comments I already posted to you. lol


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