Sparkles Through Coal Dust

I recently discovered this band, Luminate. The song below caught my attention, because a few years ago I was right where the woman in the song is. I thought I couldn’t possibly take any more. I was miserable, my heart like a stone.

I was ready to walk out on him.

Okay, so I try not to inundate, because I know people, as a general rule, have already gotten their mouthful. So I will just say that God does work miracles. Homes and hearts can heal. I’m glad I stuck it out, because the man I married years ago, the one I thought I couldn’t stand anymore, turned out to be a diamond. I just couldn’t see the sparkles through the coal dust.

11 thoughts on “Sparkles Through Coal Dust

      1. I will have my older son check them out – he loves the small independent bands just starting out and world music. He has liked Bon Iver before anyone knew who he was! If he doesn’t make it as a movie director, he may make it in the music business. The next Quincy Jones perhaps??


  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this song. I’d never heard it before. Sounds like we may share a similar story.

    Here’s what I love about you… You aren’t ashamed to tell it like it really is. To say that you’re a Christian and you still go through dark days. Life isn’t always rosy but if you allow God into your life, he’ll take over for you when you are too weak. He CAN and WILL turn something bad into something even more lovely than you’d thought it possible. I think many of us have gone through rocky times in our marriages. You’ve lasted 15 years! That’s a long time! I’ve been with my husband 12 years and married 10 years. It’s turned into something good but BOY it sure did start off looking impossible! I don’t know why we’re even still together except to say that God had a plan and when I turned it over to him and got out of God’s way, it turned into something good 🙂 Most days. lol


    1. Thanks for sharing your story. I think you and I are a lot alike! I also think there are many people who believe they can’t enter into a relationship with Christ because they’re not good enough. For years, I fell into the lie that I had to be perfect. I wondered what was wrong with me. Now I understand life is tough, we make mistakes, we hurt people…. we also hope, and pray, and miracles happen.


      1. Amen sistah! Yeah, I know what you mean about feeling not good enough. I felt not good enough for MANY years and it turned me off of religion. Glad to know I wasn’t right and neither were the radical Christians. I cannot tell you how many people I meet who say they’re turned of by people who say they’re Christians. And then they find out I am one and they’re shocked that I’m not judgmental and preachy. Glad to see you’re not one of those either 🙂


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