Not perfect? Pffft…. you don’t deserve grace.

So, you’re a Christian. Well, I’m a Christian too. (snark) How come I heard you swear when that 32 ounce boiling-hot gas station coffee spilled all over you? Or what about the time I caught you crying when your dog died? I thought you were supposed to be happy, ALL OF THE TIME? I understand you haven’t slept in weeks and your BFF has cancer, but seriously, you asked your doctor about going on anti-depressants? WHAT is wrong with you?

Special thanks to Janelle at, who introduced me to these videos.

10 thoughts on “Not perfect? Pffft…. you don’t deserve grace.

    1. I think guilt is universal! The videos are funny. And they WILL keep you form getting your work done if you let them. I know for a fact.


      1. Yeah that didn’t come out right. I spend a lot of time talking about guilt with others. I guess I am not really a carrier but more of a shoulder. Took me several years and a ton of money to shed mine


      2. Now it makes sense. LOL. I was told by a counselor that I’m a guilt magnet, taking on other people’s guilt. It took me a long time work past that.


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