Not perfect? Pffft…. you don’t deserve grace.

So, you’re a Christian. Well, I’m a Christian too. (snark) How come I heard you swear when that 32 ounce boiling-hot gas station coffee spilled all over you? Or what about the time I caught you crying when your dog died? I thought you were supposed to be happy, ALL OF THE TIME? I understand you haven’t slept in weeks and your BFF has cancer, but seriously, you asked your doctor about going on anti-depressants? WHAT is wrong with you?

Special thanks to Janelle at, who introduced me to these videos.

10 thoughts on “Not perfect? Pffft…. you don’t deserve grace.

  1. Funny! Thanks for posting. I’m going to have to watch a few more now, well … after I get some work done. I’m feeling guilty, and I’m not even Christian.


    1. I think guilt is universal! The videos are funny. And they WILL keep you form getting your work done if you let them. I know for a fact.


      1. Yeah that didn’t come out right. I spend a lot of time talking about guilt with others. I guess I am not really a carrier but more of a shoulder. Took me several years and a ton of money to shed mine


      2. Now it makes sense. LOL. I was told by a counselor that I’m a guilt magnet, taking on other people’s guilt. It took me a long time work past that.


  2. Reblogged this on THE WRITING LIFE and commented:
    Check out this great blog! I love the Messy Monday videos…If you’ve never seen one, check them out…They are kinda addictive though… 🙂


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