Interview with author, Sarah Sundin

Sundin - With Every Lettter

Olivia: Can you tell me what first attracted you to the World War II ear?

Sundin #D70 _2008 Linda Johnson Photography web  (2)Sarah: Besides the cute fashions and the men in uniform? The World War II era is full of stories, dramatic and touching and harrowing stories. This was a time when ordinary men learned they could do extraordinary things, and when women explored new roles—while remaining ladies.

Olivia: You mention the movie, The shop around the corner, with James Stewart. Was this the inspiration behind your newest book, With Every Letter?

Sarah: Oh yes. I’d seen and loved You’ve Got Mail for years, so of course I loved The Shop Around the Corner, which inspired the modern movie. And Jimmy Stewart is my all-time favorite actor. The concept of two people falling in love through anonymous letters seemed so romantic—connecting at the heart and soul level, unpolluted by looks and charm. And when they meet in person? Then what happens?

Olivia: I write historicals, so I have to ask, what are your preferred methods of research?

Sarah: I start off general, with books about the main topic, then get more detailed, driven by the story. Of course the internet is immensely valuable. So many primary source documents are available now on the web! I’ve also found some great sources for hard-to-find specialty books. Experts and other WWII buffs are extremely helpful. I even found a great contact on Twitter, of all places!

Olivia: Just one last question.  What is your favorite era song?

Sarah: That’s hard to narrow down. I love Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, the Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, and so many more. For me, the song that’s most evocative of the era is Glenn Miller’s “A String of Pearls.”

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17 thoughts on “Interview with author, Sarah Sundin

    1. Thanks. Ionia. It’s a cool book. Actually, all of her books are good. Sarah’s a really nice person too!


  1. Olivia… do you know her? How did you do this? I mean get ahold of another author? Just curious 🙂

    Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE historicals and you didn;t tell me that it’s what you write!

    Also I love Jimmy Stewart and I love the idea of 2 people falling in love through anon letters AND I love the whole WWII period of time. Like The Notebook 🙂 Sarah’s book sound intriguing!


    1. It’s a great book. She draws you right in with characters you can really connect with. And as far the interviews go… I happen to be friends with Loree Lough, who’s published some odd 90 romance novels. She took a look at some of my writing after meeting me at a conference and for some odd reason loved it. She and I have been friends ever since we first met. My first interview was with her. After that I just started contacting authors and saying, “Hey, I have this blog where I conduct interviews. By the way, I’ve featured Loree Lough…”


      1. Well aren’t you something special! HAHA! I LOVE it! Way to be not afraid. I’m seriously not blowing smoke but you never cease to amaze me 🙂 Oh and of COURSE she liked your writing. Does that mean that she’s maybe interested? I know you were having a hard time with finding someone to want to publish your genre (Hopefully I don’t have that wrong).?


      2. Thanks… She’s not an editor, but a writer. And the publishers don’t want to touch me because I’m too sexy for the Inspiration market and too moralistic for the general market…


      3. I knew that’s what you said about the publishers. But I thought the publisher that you’d shown your work to published 90 books? And she liked your work. Maybe I got that wrong. Could be as my mind seems more cloudy than usual… it’s raining outside and my brain never works in the rain. lol


    2. Your comment made me smile. Most authors nowadays are super easy to get in touch with–Olivia contacted me through Facebook. I’ve had interview requests from email contacts via my website, FB, and even Twitter. There are still some Unreachable Ivory Tower Authors, but most of us love to connect.


      1. Well look at you! And now I will get a copy of your book and tell everyone that I actually spoke with you on wp! lol I’ll be the star of all my friends! 😉 No, but really, I guess it’s a terrific idea to connect. That way you stay on top of what your fans are thinking. Good chatting with you!


      2. Besides, it’s just a whole lot of fun 🙂 I’ve met SOOOO many interesting people through my writing!


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