Printable Bookmarks?

Here’s the matching bookmarks that go with my book. I’m having a bunch of them printed up to use as giveaways.  That’s all well and good for people I actually get to meet in person, but what about the people I will never meet? My friend had the idea of somehow having the bookmarks available to anyone who purchases the book. I’m wondering if it might be possible to include a link (in the e-book anyway) to here. Then create a page that can be printed off on heavy paper and then cut out? Any thoughts or ideas?





*note, they’re actually meant to be the same size, but I need to play around with the upload.


4 thoughts on “Printable Bookmarks?

  1. Not sure how you would do it, but bookmarks are more of a handing out thing. I think part of the equation with them is that the author is physically handing them to a person, so there’s a meet and greet factor. Though, this could be accomplished through e-mail. I can imagine the craziness of postage if you’re going to send them to people who buy the book.

    I’m really no help here.


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