Just thought I’d let you know…

My blogger friend made my day with a great PLUG about my blog and my new book. Go check out her blog, where she writes candidly about life and relationships.

Comfortably Numb

I’ve missed you!… I have spent this evening attempting to catch up on my reader…PROPERLY. This means actually taking the time to read more than on post on each blog I have clicked, liking  them, commenting and ENJOYING them!

I have missed this so much lately and I feel good to have gotten through a few blogs tonight….still a long way to go. I have given up trying to read everyone’s and settled for clicking through my ‘blogs I follow’ list looking at one at a time rather than rushing through them.

One thing I have noticed is how some blogs I follow only post maybe once every other month…never reply to comments…or just bore the living shit out of me lol…I mean this in the nicest way possible but some I read and think why on earth did I follow you? (I’m sure people think the same when they…

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4 thoughts on “Just thought I’d let you know…

  1. Hi, I am over here from Comfortably Numb, to give encouragement about your book.
    I well remember the novels of jean Plaidy, and Mary Renault, taking historical facts, and weaving in fictional characters. Bernard Cornwell does this very well too, in his numerous historical sagas. This is a popular genre, and you should do well. I take it you have a connection with Scotland? I am always interested in History, and British history especially. One thing I would mention though, purely a personal view, that your book cover/jacket will primarily appeal to female readers only, as it has obvious romantic connotations. Otherwise, well done for getting published, and I wish you exceptionally good luck now, and in the future.
    Regards from England, Pete.


    1. Thanks. And yes the cover’s feminine since it’s a romance! I thought it would be false advertising to try and appeal to a male market too. (not that I mind at all that men read it). I already have a number of male followers who say they plan to.


      1. I did suspect the reason was to advertise it as a romance, but didn’t like to presume. I am still sure that it will do well Olivia, and look forward to hearing about your success. Regards, Pete.


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