Introducing Carla Laureano

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One of the perks of living in the “writer world” is meeting other writers and getting to read their stories. This week I had the opportunity to read Carla Laureano’s debut novel FIVE DAYS IN SKYE. It was like relaxing with a cup of coffee and watching my favorite movie. Leap Year, Decoy Bride, and P.S. I Love You allrolled into one delightful banter-filled romp . . . I loved it!

And as far as my checklist for what makes a GREAT contemporary romance novel, FIVE DAYS IN SKYE pretty much nailed them all.

1. Good-looking hero with an accent. CHECK! (picture Henry Cavill with the voice of Gerard Butler…*SIGH) **James MacDonald is a world-known chef with a reputation. He may play the part of “playboy”, but James is hurting and just not ready to do “serious”…yet…

2. Strong, smart, feisty heroine who isn’t whiny, and likes shoes. CHECK. **Andrea Sullivan is a feisty, consultant…

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