The Great Kilt

Ok, so it’s been awhile since I’ve done any historical posts. Probably because I’ve been so busy writing historical romance and promoting myself as an author.

So, class, today we are going to learn about the great kilt. Actually, I’m going to be a bad teacher and let you sit back and watch a video.


Now this is what Ronan and William (from my soon to be released novel, Dawning) wear. Notice how the arisaid is also mentioned. Triona wears an arisaid, but in her case, she didn’t often wear it as a skirt, but more like a shawl, because she is nobility and she wears gowns fashioned according to the style of the late 1500’s. (She wasn’t up on the newest fashions because she was so far removed from court and she wasn’t particularly wealthy. So, she did the best she could with her wardrobe.)

Tìoraidh an-dràsta,


13 thoughts on “The Great Kilt

      1. Exactly why I haven’t tried any. LOL. I did try and order Scottish peat once, to burn in our coal stove. ‘Cause I wanted to have the smell while I wrote. Hubby caught me in the act though and wasn’t too happy about the thou.ght of peat blocks in his brand new coal stove. Darn.


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