What reviewers are saying about Dawning!

I gave out twelve advanced copies of Dawning, mostly to get reviews on Amazon, but three award winning novelists volunteered to review my book. Here’s what the first two had to say:


“Olivia has crafted an adventurous love story with two unforgettable characters. Her vivid descriptions paint an epic journey of boundless love between two souls who must become one. Her tender and poetic prose reminded me of the book, “Cold Mountain.”

~Stan Bednarz, award winning author of “Miracle on Snowbird Lake”


“What do you get when you add the beautiful 1600s Scottish countryside, men in kilts, and the women who love them to a story that features a virile, cloaked defender known only as Blackhawk? An exciting, captivating page-turner by Olivia Stocum, that’s what! DAWNING has a home on my ‘keepers’ shelf!”

~ Loree Lough, bestselling author of 100 award-winning books, including the “A Child to Love” series from Harlequin’s new Heartwarming line.

Thanks guys. You made my day! Actually, you probably made my year! And thanks to the other nine readers who volunteered to review Dawning. 🙂 I really appreciate your help and encouragement. 🙂

Love, Olivia

Dawning will be officially available July 17th.

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