Meet Author Olivia Stocum

I had the privilege of being interviewed by upcoming fantasy author, Juliana Cobb. Come check it out. We had a great time!

Juliana Writes

Olivia Stocum, AuthorI interviewed Olivia Stocum about her current novel, “Dawning”. What a spectacular read. I’m not a big Romance fan, but “Dawning” drew me in. Olivia weaves believable characters and interesting historical facts so deftly that I lost myself in 1599 Scotland. I enjoyed learning more about this spectacular author.

When did you finally call yourself a writer?

It took me a long time to come clean with my writing. I was a closet writer for ages, probably because the first few attempts I made to assert myself were pretty much shot down by people close to me who just couldn’t see me as an author. I wasn’t sure if anyone would believe in me, and it was too painful to take the chance on myself.
Honestly, I hadn’t started calling myself a writer until Dawning was released, and even then I did it with caution. It wasn’t until Dawning hit…

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