One month… almost

Saturday will mark the one month anniversary of the release of Dawning.

I’ve officially sold 3,000 copies. (that’s e-book and paperback). I’m not giving you numbers to flatter myself, (although I am VERY flattered by the wonderful support I’ve received). I’m giving you numbers because, when I first started one month ago, I wanted to know what normal numbers were, and no one could tell me. I’m not even sure there is any such thing. Any time a writer can write, and get any kind of income in return, even if it’s coffee money, then it’s a beautiful thing.

I have been on the Amazon best seller list for three weeks now, bouncing from about #25 to #45, depending on what kind of day I have had. It takes about 100 sales per day to stay in the 30’s on the historical romance list. (Hopefully that helps give some of my fellow indies a ball-park estimate). I agree with Charles, marketing is everything.

I’m getting over a fever induced delirium,  so forgive me for lacking my usual energy, and for any typos. My eyes are glazed over.

Here’s a picture of my two fan-girl favorites:

18 thoughts on “One month… almost

    1. I’m epic AND feverish! Cool… or maybe I should say HOT. Although, I will be cold again in a few minutes.
      As far as marketing is concerned, I pretty much just follow your movements. LOL. That and author interviews with fellow authors, so I get exposure to their readers, plus the bonus of having them endorse me.


      1. Author interviews are what I’ve been lacking recently. I did a lot as hype, which helped. It just leaves me with less to do now. Getting some book 1 press on Friday if everything goes well.


  1. And you were worried about those hard numbers we looked up. Zeros are so nice and round, not sharp and pointy. 🙂 You worked hard, and you deserve this.


  2. Reblogged this on Juliana Writes and commented:
    I planned a whole blog on my favorite author. Instead of writing it, I got sick. Thankfully, this wonderful author I know is celebrating her one month anniversary of her first book. Celebrate her success with me. I promise I’ll tell you who my favorite author is once my brain is no longer full of cotton.


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