Mythology Workshop – Anubis and Annabelle

Come read Juliana’s short story. She’s an up and coming fantasy author worth following.

Juliana Writes

I’m currently participating in a mythology workshop put on by The 13th Floor Paradigm. ( Each of us was given a god or goddess and a group of words to write about. Mine was: Anubis – ballerina, a bottle of scotch and a street. Below you will find the story I decided on. Hope you enjoy it.


Anubis and Annabelle



“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!”

            Anubis braced himself as a little ball of pink tulle, blonde curls and sticky hands crashed into his lap. Small arms wrapped tightly around his neck and bright blue eyes gazed up at him.

            “Daddy, take off your Working Face. It’s too fuzzy to kiss.”

            Anubis wrapped his arms around his daughter and smiled down at her. “But, Daddy is working and I have to wear my Working Face.” He glanced up at the large screen over his desk as a…

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