Dawning by Olivia Stocum

A beautiful review of Dawning. I’m keeping this for the bad days when I feel like I can’t get anything right!

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Dawning: Historical RomanceDawning: Historical Romance by Olivia Stocum


Scotland, 1599 . . . He abandoned her. She had failed to be enough for him. The empty space he left behind hollowed out her heart, and she wondered what to do with the rest of her life… When Ronan leaves the clan to seek his fortune, Triona MacAlastair fears she will never see him again. Four years later, a threat against her life forces her to depend on a mysterious, cloaked rogue known as Blackhawk. She knows he is capable of protecting her, but what is he hiding? Why does he refuse to show his face?

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Often I find that I fear reading historical romance. I have always been somewhat of a collector of history and historical fact and sometimes this makes me not such a great candidate for reading historical fiction.I tend to shred…

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