Rogue Paladin – Imlaird

Juliana Writes


Do you know how hard it is to find a picture for the fantasy world you’ve made up in your head? Pretend the two women are wearing long, flowing robes of richly embroidered fabric. Imagine the man’s hair is longer, that he’s wearing a golden band around his head and a white linen shirt (no buttons) and that he has a golden-jewel encrusted-goblet full of red wine in one hand.

Meet Imlaird, Heir Apparent of Alsoria:

Once the spare, Imlaird is a wild play boy who uses his royal influence to gather the most beautiful women to him and to enjoy himself as much as possible. Of course, he doesn’t take responsibility for any of his messes. Ignored by his father (King Immaldane), despised by his sister (Immi) and pitied by his older brother (Imrald), Imlaird goes out of his way to be as obnoxious as possible.

Upon the death…

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