This is so true for any kind of artist.


Writing word of the day = AGAIN!
I have to edit this chapter, AGAIN.
I have to reformat page numbers, AGAIN.
I have to rewrite this chapter, AGAIN.
And all you want to do is get to the FUN part!

This clip of Diego De La Vega teaching/training Alejandro Murrieta (The Mask of Zorro), is a pretty good/accurate portrayal of the writer’s life. As an eager “beginner” in the serious writing world, you see it as easy. “The pointy end goes in the other guy!” You know how to spell. You can write complete sentences. You have great characters with the perfect names. You’re ready. You’ll be published in no time. Publishing houses would have to be completely insane not to publish your book!
But then you learn there are “rings.” There are “levels” that you have to pass through before you can…

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