Moonstone: my journey, part one

Click on the link to learn something new about my book. I am going to be doing a series of posts on my journey in writing this novel. It’s mostly for my own good. I’m dealing with what I can only term as post novel depression. Coupled with a little post traumatic stress syndrome brought on by my heroine and her horrific experiences. Since I deal with life through writing. I guess I will just have to write my way through these feelings I’m having.

Hugs, Olivia

Scotland 1607 After her parents are murdered English noblewoman, Rhiannon Hanover, becomes a spoil of war. She vows that she will trust no man. Until William MacAlastair challenges her captor for her life, and Rhiannon for her love . . . William never could resist a damsel in distress, but Rhiannon is no ordinary woman, and when he comes to her rescue, he finds himself breaking alliances, facing an old enemy, and stealing her for his own.

via Book Review: Moonstone by Olivia Stocum.

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