Creative Me vs. Rational Me

I absolutely LOVE this post. I feel her pain. I really do. As I learn the difference between writing to please THEM and writing to please me, even if it means a slew of bad reviews and living on canned foods in a cave (since that’s all I’d be able to afford). But maybe the cave isn’t so bad, as long as I can wear my hair in dreadlocks, sigh over my tattoos, and spend my time with my fellow creative people…

Juliana Writes

I’m struggling right now. The on going war between the Creative Me and the Rational Me recently reached atomic bomb proportions.

Creative Me is pulling me to quit my job and run barefoot through the green grass (well, right now, piles of snow!). I want to ditch my scrubs for long flowing skirts and dresses, wear fun jewelry and put dreadlocks in my hair. I want to lose myself for hours in a museum, a book and (most pressingly) my own writing. The urge to create bubbles to the surface and my fingers itch to plant flowers, knit a snood or play the piano. Frustration consumes me as I try to cram some kind of creativity into the limited free time I have during the day.

Currently, Rational Me is winning out, basically because it’s my job right now. I work as a school nurse. I do nurse type things…

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