Moonstone by Olivia Stocum

Book review of Moonstone on Rosie Amber.

Rosie Amber

Moonstone by Olivia Stocum Moonstone by Olivia Stocum by Olivia Stocum

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Moonstone is the second Scottish historical romance that I have recently read by author Olivia Stocum. Set just a few years later than her previous book “Dawning” this one begins in 1607 and continues to revolve around some of the characters that I fell in love with.

Handsome Laird William MacAlastair has never found a women who could match his first love until his eyes fell upon the dishevelled and captured Rhiannon. Ankles and wrists tied, dirty and bruised, Rhiannon is dumped on the court floor of Laird Geoffrey Buchanan. Treated like a market item Rhiannon is to become Geoffrey’s wife unless someone can help her escape.

Stuck between his fierce Scottish pride and his promise never to force Rhiannon to do anything she doesn’t want to, William battles with himself, the men and mostly with his…

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