What I’ve been up to, strange selfies, and even stranger hair

Ok, so I’m not a great blogger. I know people who faithfully blog once a week, or even everyday. Me . . . not so  much. So here’s a little update on what I’ve been up to since releasing my second novel, Moonstone, a month and a half ago.

Here’s me. And yes, of course it’s a selfie, I mean I’m here all by myself while everyone else is at work or school.

photo (11)


So…. if you remember, I had this super short pixie cut that I’d bleached blonde and then died with purple streaks. Well, I got kinda bored with it, so I stopped getting it cut early last fall. It’s down to my shoulders now. (Yeah, my hair grows fast). But I decided I wanted dreadlocks. And you can’t do much with shoulder length layered hair, so I decided to go the rout of getting deadlock extensions and then letting the grow out, trimming off the ends every few months until, hopefully by the time next year, I have all my own hair.

photo (10)

They look really great for the first month. Nice and neat and perfect (probably too perfect, actually). And then they start to get all fuzzy as the new hair grows in.

photo (9)

And they like to twist this way or that at the root so they’re no longer in nice even rows. My roots right now are starting to turn into locked hair (as any shed hair I have gets trapped in by the extension). So essentially they will start to look more like the real deal over time.

Ok, enough about hair.

This what I’m reading right now:

photo (12)

The Sword Dancer series is my absolute favorite of all time. LOVE! I’ve read these books probably twenty times. (the corner is missing because my pet rabbit ate it off).

photo (13)


Isn’t she cute?


Writing wise, I’m editing my first Crusader Knight novel. It’s the beginning of a brand new series. One the side I’m working on the first draft of my third Highland novel, Starlight.

So there it is. What have you guys been up to?

23 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to, strange selfies, and even stranger hair

  1. Thanks for the update on your hair adventures, Olivia! I’ve always wondered about dreadlocks. Is your hair easier to take care of? Your pictures look great. Actually, I think any hairstyle would look good on you. And you can’t talk too much about hair: my hair has been my obsession all my life 🙂
    If I didn’t have John Howell to keep me on schedule with our Monday lists, I probably would blog a lot less. (I don’t count reblogs since those are so easy to do.) It’s all a matter of time and what little I have of it. By the way, I love the stuff you post on Facebook. You’re fairly active there 😉


    1. Yeah, FB is my home. It’s harder for me to blog because I get obsessive about how it looks and then it takes me an embarrassingly long time to make one post because I triple and quadruple check it. Thanks for following me on FB. 🙂
      My hair is way easier to take care of now. It’s harder to wash however, because it takes ten minutes to wash it and all day to dry. But I ‘weaned’ my scalp slowly from everyday washings to once a week and that’s worked out fine. I LOVE hair. I have this obsession with it I guess.


      1. Continuing the obsession … I sometimes miss my dark hair, but I’ve found a couple of the advantages to gray hair such as mine is: (1) you can often get away with washing only once a week since gray hair tends to be coarse and dry; (2) it’s easy to dye it fun colors like pink because the hairstylist doesn’t need to bleach your hair first (which also makes it cheaper than dark hair). Anyway, good thing that if your hair is harder to wash then at least you need only do it 1x a week. Otherwise, I suppose you’d be back to your short pixie 🙂


      2. Good point. Fortunately my scalp seems happier, if anything, with fewer washings. My aunt has all gray hair, and she dies it all sorts of fun colors.


  2. You know what I’ve been up to…At least I’m getting a few hundred words in a few times a week. 🙂 Still being pulled in two different directions with my brain. Someday I will find something that utilizes both sides of me! Love you.


    1. I love your new book, what I’ve read of it. I can recognize your writing now, and I know what you have written. That’s exciting… well, for me anyway… Love you 2.


    1. The only time involved is getting it done. I was in limbo waiting for Moonstone to go live, and rather than go crazy, I decided to keep busy. After that all you have to do is wash it once a week and run your fingers through the locks to keep them from sticking together. The nose stud gets rinsed in the shower each morning. Takes maybe 15 seconds. Nice to hear from you. ❤


      1. The time involved in getting a nose stud is actually just driving there without kids in tow. When I took the baby, they said I couldn’t take her in the room with me. Plus now I have a friend who wants to do it with me so we have to coordinate our schedules. Real problems, I know!


      2. Oh… I forgot about not being able to take the baby. Yeah, now you have to rely on other people’s schedules. That’s the way it is every time I try to be involved in any kind of ‘extra-curricular’ activity. With my husband’s heavy work schedule, it just never works out.


  3. Olivia. Thanks for the selfies. I like the dreads and the pictures were nice to see. I love the bunny. You are right she is cute. I really like your blogs when you have the chance to do them. Look forward to more.


  4. Ooh, I love posts like this!

    I also love seeing the process of dreads, as I had no idea how they come about. Very cool. What’s also awesome? You’re doing another series that sounds like a blast! Can’t wait to read all of them.


    1. Thanks, Katie. Can’t wait to read your book either! I’ll have to put up more pics as my hair ‘matures’.


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