Building Rome

I haven’t been participating in the Building Rome motivational posts, but I want to start, ’cause quite frankly, I could use some motivation.

Thanks Bradley Corbett from Green Embers  for encouraging us!

My first goal is to figure out how to link without having to copy paste the whole URL. So I don’t have to do this:  (Feel free  to explain this to me guys! I’ve failed at my every attempt thus far.)

By the way, if you don’t know Bradley, click on my poor attempt to link my post to his, and say  hi.

My second goal is to NOT and I repeat NOT look at the draft of my third novel, Enduringly Yours, until it comes back from my Beta Reader. I need to ‘shelf’ it for a bit so I can come back with a fresh perspective, but its sooooo tempting to peck away at it anyway.

Thirdly, I would like to edit the first three chapters of A Worth Opponent. (My forth novel.)

Fourth, and hardest for me, is to accept that other people’s opinions of me have nothing to do with my self worth.


It will take me a lot longer than a week to accomplish that one, but I need to start trying.

My sister (love you!) sent me this awesome video to remind me that I am beautiful inside and out.

5 thoughts on “Building Rome

  1. Oh gosh, I know how hard it can be to refrain from fiddling with stuff while waiting for things to come back.

    For goal one did you ever watch my Pingback video? I think I show how to linkify words.

    Great goals! I’ll come later after work to watch the video. 🙂


    1. Thanks for letting me know. See, I didn’t even know it was called pingback. I will check your videos and see if I can get educated!


  2. I’m always hit or miss on creating the links…don’t ask me why! Go work on editing your next book. Love you!


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