… to a world where duct tape fixes everything, crazy hair is not only an option, but the ONLY option, and chickens peek in the kitchen window to read my newest book. (Hey, no comments from the chicken gallery girls, and guy–he’s the worst, you know, crowing in my ear when I don’t get my Hero’s dialogue just right. He thinks he knows all about romance just because he has four wives!)

Here is the nice picture of me. You know, the one that’s supposed to make me look like the sound-of-mind, professional type.

photo (24)

Here’s me after six hours behind a computer screen, and a message from my editor, reminding me that I STILL need to get that chapter to her ASAP.

photo (25)

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    1. Oh they will, but we love them. And thanks. This is my attempt at being a professional-type grownup… um…. yeah.


  1. Nice post. Your picture of the professional author type person is beautiful. My cats serve the same function as your chickens and I often wonder if they are giving me the best advice.


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