Hobbits, Books, and Braveheart

Both Bilbo and Frodo were writers. No surprise there. They were patent introverts that secretly craved a life of adventure. Lets’ face it, readers read books in order to experience life outside of The Shire. So what does that make those of us who write? The drug pushers? Or maybe Amazon is the Pusher and we are the Suppliers… Or is it the other way around? My expertise in drug trafficking is about as big as a dust moat so I really can’t say!

I keep having this recurring dream, and by recurring, I mean that I have it about once a week. In my dream, I find myself forced underground by a malicious government. Myself, along with a few others, are hiding something that could get us arrested, or even killed. But what are we hiding? Books? Truth? Whatever it is, THEY are willing to kill us for it. And WE are willing to die.

Kind of like Bilbo and Frodo, when they realized there was a world outside their cozy Shire, and something worth fighting for.

Are we book junkies so very different? What would we be willing to die for?

A significant other? Our kids? Books? Or maybe just one perfect book that we couldn’t live without?

Or how about Freedom?

8 thoughts on “Hobbits, Books, and Braveheart

    1. The Nazis were burning books and killing people. No doubt it’s happened at other times as well. And the dream is just weird, ’cause I write romance!!!


      1. Library of Alexandria was destroyed too. A lot of ancient texts have been lost to early human stupidity and short-sightedness.

        Not sure how romance would fit into it. From what I’ve been told, it’s probably the strongest genre out there in terms of longevity and fanbase.


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