Pinterest and some backscratching, anyone?

As I growl my way through learning to use Photoshop, I find I’m actually starting to enjoy it. Less headaches this last week, and more smiles, as I  start to accomplish something I can feel proud of.


Lately, I’ve noticed that Pinterest has had more activity for me than Facebook and Twitter, so I’ve been pouring more energy into it. Click below to go to my Pinterest page. If you want to follow me, leave me a message here on my blog so that I can be sure to return the favor by following your boards as well!


5 thoughts on “Pinterest and some backscratching, anyone?

  1. Oh go you using Photoshop Olivia, It’s my ideas of hell and I’m pretty creative. Canva is my happy place and sooo easy to use. I’ve been getting pretty excited by Pinterest too recently – will pop over and give you some pin love x


    1. I don’t know Canva… Might have to check it out. I take it you make your own graphics then? Thanks for visiting me!


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