Remington Steele

Hey, everyone. Yes, I’m still alive. Yes, I still hate the way technology sucks up my every waking free moment (which is the real reason I hardly blog). No, I haven’t forgotten any of you. And yes, I’m already gritting my teeth since is is my second attempt to write this post and not lose it to my wordpress app. The stupid S.O.B.

Anyway… Good news is, I’ve manage to make it through a whole year of schooling my kids at home. And we are all still in working order, no one is wearing a straight jacket, or living in a special padded room.


I have a new Highland Romance coming out in July. I’ll blog more about this later. And a new Werewolf series starting in the fall. Yay!

I also wanted to introduce  y’all to our new friend. His name is Remington Steele, our  Great Dane.

Twelve weeks

Yes, he’s huge. Yup, he eats three bowls a day plus snacks. And he’s super cute and funny and loves everyone. Even the cat. Who wishes he would love her a lot less.

So, how is everyone out there in WordPress land? Let me know you’re still alive and kicking!



10 thoughts on “Remington Steele

  1. Nope. He’s only three months old, believe it or not. He’s still got a lot of growing to do. Hope you are having a great day!


  2. Thanks. How are you doing? I still hop by your blog now and then. Yeah, I’m venturing into paranormal romance. Well it’s more like a fantasy series with a strong romantic element, actually. Four books in all, maybe five depending on how long it takes to wrap the story up. Have a good day!


  3. Hi, John. It’s great to hear from you too. I hope you have a good week. And thanks. He is a cutie.


  4. Oh, Olivia, Reminton Steele is just plain gorgeous…one more excuse to stop and see you. I drive by so many times but don’t stop when I can because it just would not be polite, especially with you’re home schooling now. I do miss you and you know why, but just want to at least let you know I haven’t forgotten you!!


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