For the Aspiring Author (A Trip Down Memory Lane)

Back in the day, I used to print off my manuscripts, that way I could use a pen and highlighter on them. I don’t have time for that now and do most everything on my IPad using the simplest word processing app I can get away with. (At the moment I’m using Pages.) 

I dug these papers out to show a friend who’s in the process of editing her book for publication. She’s printed hers out and has pen in hand. But she’s finding the editing  process time consuming and burdensome. 

Yeah. Editing IS time consuming and burdensome. Especially when you’re a big picture thinker, like I am. Focusing on the little details can drive a big picture thinker bonkers in short order. But before you can even think about sending your manuscript off to a copy editor, or a beta reader, you have to make it legible to other people,  not just the inside of your head. 

And that can take months, even years, especially if you’re looking at your first attempt to publish. I’m not even talking about a writer’s first novel here. Usually the first, second, and even third novel never sees the light of day. I wrote four novels, the first one in high school, before I’d gotten to the point where sharing them was an option…. Which leads me to another point. Critique groups. But that’s a story for another day. 

To anyone out there who is spinning their wheels on a manuscript, hang in there. Unless you’ve lost all heart for it, then keep whittling away. If you want to barf everytime you look at it, then yeah, it might be time to move on. Otherwise, keep trying. 

Peace and Love,


4 thoughts on “For the Aspiring Author (A Trip Down Memory Lane)

  1. I am such a dinosaur, that I too print off copies of my words to edit. But over the course of the past eight years of writing and re-writing and changing plot lines and adding characters and killing characters and bringing them back and all the other parts of trying to finish book number one, I learned that I can edit without printing it every time. But there is something feels really cool about holding a heavy set of spirally bound papers in your hands that are exclusively littered with your own third grade dribble.

    Found your site today at the Doctor’s office while waiting for part of my face to be cut off. All is well because I still have the good side intact. I love what you have cooking over here and with your permission, I would like to become a follower.



    1. Rob. Well, sorry about the surgery. I almost hate to ask. (Skin cancer or pre cancer?) I hope you’re doing good and recovering now.
      Of course you can follow. I’m going to look you up in just a moment here.


  2. This is actually one of the reasons I think short story writing should be encouraged before starting a novel. It is much easier to edit, redo, edit and give to beta readers. All which make great practice on learning how to deal with the whole process.


    1. Yup. I just have a hard time keeping my word limit down. I don’t talk very much, but people know that when I do it’s time to hold on, because I’m going to be at it awhile!! Hope your doing good, Green Embers. Have a great Wednesday.

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