Fortune Telling (no, not really)


intertwinednile.jpgIn light of homeschool starting up again in September, I’ve decided to get my act together and plan out the next two years of my publishing life ahead of time.

*Apologies to those who have tried to follow my  progress, but were unable to find me.* A great place to keep tabs on my upcoming titles is on Pinterest.

  1. I’m committing myself to blogging once a week, especially since I’m beginning to get complaints from some of my regulars that they have no idea what’s going on with me or when my next book will be out.
  2. I’m keeping both of my lines active, Historical Romance and Paranormal Romance, by publishing one of each per year. A historical in February because I’m a sap, and paranormal in October, since I’m still a sap.
  3. I’m publishing, Tangled Moon, the first book in my Werewolf Romance series this October 14th. (The day before my birthday! Because, yes, I’m still a sap.) Tangled Moon
  4. His Deduction, my first ever Regency Romance will be out in February 2017. His Deduction
  5. Tangled Moon book two is scheduled for October 2017. Tangled Moon
  6. Highland Crosses, is a cross between my two lines. It’s about the MacBlayne clan, but set in present day Scotland. It’s scheduled for February 2018) Highland Crosses

So….. That’s where I’m at right now. I’m running Kindle free days from now until October, and I’ll post those days right here on my blog.

Until next time,



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