Tell Your Sweetie You Love Them…in Lithuanian

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Once upon a time, I wrote a post titled, Tell Your Sweetie You Love Them…in Gaelic. That was back when I was working on the second novel in my Moonlighting series, Moonstone.

Now I’ve got a new series coming out this fall, Tangled Moon, and I’ve learned some Lithuanian. It’s believed that it is one of the oldest languages in the world.

My male werewolf, Lothar, and his sister, Vesper, were raised in Lithuania, and wanting to know more about that, I did some research. Today, we’ll just stick with the language though.

*Hang in there. At the end we learn how to say I love you.*

Some common words I’ve added to my novel to make Lothar and Vesper sound a bit more authentic:

Taip              Yes

Ne                 No

Atsipraša      Sorry/I’m sorry

Prašau          Please

Ačiū              Thank you

Now for some really fun ones:

Brangioji        Darling, female

Brangusis       Darling, male

Labanaktis      Goodnight

Saldžių sapnų             Sweet dreams

Nuostabiai atrodai     You look gorgeous

And my favorite one, of course:

Aš tave myliu             I love you.

So tell your sweetie, aš tave myliu today… and then sit back and enjoy the befuddled look on their face!

Here’s a great video on the pronunciation:




Olivia Stocum


8 thoughts on “Tell Your Sweetie You Love Them…in Lithuanian

  1. That’s awesome! They drink beer BTW, and not Vodka, since they’re not really fond of Russia these days.


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