Flashback Friday #PeterZipporah

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Yup, time for another Flashback Friday. This time Enduringly Yours, the first book in my Worth Fighting For series, is free on Kindle Friday, August 19th and Saturday the 20th. (Click here to be redirected to Amazon.) Follow Enduringly Yours on Pinterest: Click here!

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Enduringly Yours

England, 1192

Kingdoms throughout history have been won or lost upon a lady’s virtue. Men kill to have it. Men die for stealing it.

Zipporah wished someone had warned her ahead of time…

With her father ill, and the powerful Sir Gilburn now holding a claim on her family’s land through Prince John, Lady Zipporah’s fate hangs in the balance. Sir Peter, the knight she lost her greatest asset to three years ago, is the last person she should be relying on. If anyone knew the truth about their past, she could lose everything. Including Peter.

Peter has seen her several times since returning from his tour in the Holy Land. Zipporah does her best to avoid him. He doesn’t blame her. They have a past as long as the sea voyage he took from Antioch and back again. But Sir Gilburn has proven himself a dangerous rival, and Peter has to stop him—whether Zipporah will admit to needing him or not.

Gilburn is sniffing around Zipporah like a hungry wolf.
And Peter will do anything to save her…

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