Mack’s Haunted Haberdashery

Looking for a fantasy this weekend? (No, not THAT kind of fantasy. Lecher!)

Legends of Windemere

Hatter M from Looking Glass Wars

Welcome, potential customers!  My name is Bartholomew and I will be helping you today with your purchases.  All of our . . . I’m sorry, but Mack is far too busy to handle the day-to-day operations.  Somebody needs to keep us stocked in supplies such as ribbons, felt, leather, feathers, souls of the deceased, pins, glue, and those crinkly flowers that go so well on bonnets. Oh, the feathers threw you off?  Well, you don’t need to include those if you don’t want them.  Although, I will point out that we have a sale on peacock and dinosaur feathers.  It’s buy one and get a coupon for the cafe down the block.  They have excellent biscotti there.

I see, it’s the souls of the deceased that has you worried.  Well, we can’t very well use the souls of the living because that’s cruel, inhuman…

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