Say Hello to my Little Friend…

This week I wanted to take a break from writing posts about, well, writing, and share some pictures of my pet butterfly koi fish and his little buddies.  I took these with my new camera. It’s a Cannon EOS T6i.

This is Methos: I’ve had him for seven months now. He’s still growing and will be for years to come. That’s why I have him in a huge 125 gallon tank. We had to put the tank in our sun-room because that’s the only place where we have a solid concrete floor to hold it.


(Just look at those lips!)


This is his buddy, Bubbles. She’s a fancy goldfish the same age as him. She still has some growing to do as well. She used to be all black but now she’s getting these really cool gold patches.


Here’s their tank. It’s big, like I said. I went with a Japanese theme since koi are really popular there.


There are a couple other, smaller fish in there. They’re all still growing. If we have to we’ll move some of them to another tank later. I’ll be keeping Methos and Bubbles together, because they seem to be good friends.


So there they are, my little friends. I really enjoy watching them and I’m surprised by how much personality they have. They’re all different from each other.

Feel free to share stories about your pets in the comment section. Have a great day!

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13 thoughts on “Say Hello to my Little Friend…

    1. Thank you! See the size of that tank? In three to four years he’ll fit in it, instead of (excuse the pun) swimming in it.


    1. Oh yes. Shooting pictures through glass and water is a challenge. I’m not entirely happy with them, but it will get better as I take more pictures. Thanks!


      1. Yeah… I have a big pond out back but I won’t put him there. We’ll do something safer for him. My hubby has offered to make a raised pond right in my greehouse.

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