When Dreamers Quit Dreaming


Recently, I published a post called, Why I want to Quit Writing, but in that post, I wasn’t really able to say everything I’d wanted to. When you write, especially on a blog, you try and keep everything neat and tidy (short and sweet) but sometimes, you only hit upon a few main points, when you really had a lot more to say about your topic.

I have a You Tube channel now, called Good Feels Lofty Ideals. I plan on uploading about one video a week. I’m busy, so are you, so I only upload content I sincerely believe is relevant (or at least good for making you spray your coffee all over your computer screen. You can thank me for the mess later.) So… if yer interested, mosey on over there and subscribe. (Why I’ve suddenly turned into Hoss from Bonanza, I’ve no idea.)

My You Tube

The theme over there is just like the name, Good Feels, because, let’s face it, some of my videos will be for comic relief. That’s just me. I can’t be serious all the time. It would probably kill me. Lofty Ideals, because, at the end of the day, I’ll always be an idealist looking for Heaven in a world full of crime, hate, famine…. Yeah….

Here’s my video. If you’re a Dreamer (or an Idealist, like me) then I really think it will resonate:



My Website

My Romance Novels 


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